About Us

The Hong Kong Society for Pet Nutrition (HKSPN)

Before establishing HKSPN, our founder Mr. Lau Yun Yu, Gideon and his friends has been promoted pet holistic and wellness through events, seminars and education programmes in Hong Kong. In 2012, we formed the Hong Kong Society for Pet Nutrition (HKSPN) which is registered as a non-profit making organization (Registration No. CP/LIC/SO/19/47919).

Our Aim

Animals are living creatures like human beings. They all need love, care and respect. In Hong Kong, thousands of cats and dogs are abandoned every year. From the Thematic Household Survey Report No.48 (Hong Kong Census and Statistic Department), we can summarize the reasons of abandon as follows:
  • Pets were too old,
  • Pets get sickness,
  • Pets lost hair,
  • Small and crowded living quarters,
  • Pet owners financial problem,
  • Reasons related to family members,
  • Pet owners lack of time to take care of the pets,
  • Pet owners did not like the pets anymore.

Our Value